Case study: CSR Scorecard Nea Odos & Kentriki Odos

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports (CSR) - Scorecard

Nea Odos and Kentriki Odos, are two of the main motorways of Greece with thousands of drivers using their services per year. Pixelocracy undertook the task to design and implement an innovative virtual performance representation of their corporate social responsibility reports.

The project CSR Scorecards is an online platform of data visualization where the company can publish a summary of their annual Corporate Social Responsibility Reports and share it with their audience. 

Pixelocracy designed an innovative interactive web asset where the visitor has the chance to explore information about the motorways, discover environmental or other social responsibility initiatives and get informed about the financials of the companies. 

Furthermore, the platform contains a supplementary feature where users have the ability to interact and provide feedback to the organizations, thus creating an additional channel of communication for the general public.

Through this project Nea & Kentriki Odos increased their brand awareness and customer satisfaction by building trust and transparency between their ecosystem, their service users and the wider society. In addition, by automating this process the company managed to minimize resources and reduce budget spend for this important pillar of their corporate responsibility.