Case study: Nea Odos Tours

Interactive travel guide for motorway drivers

Nea Odos and Kentriki Odos, are two of the main motorways of Greece with thousands of drivers using their services per year. Pixelocracy undertook the task to create an appealing and innovative alternative offering to their drivers, helping the 2 companies create a unique competitive advantage that would help them stand out in the Greek market.

Project “Tours” is a supplementary service offered by Nea & Kentriki Odos to its customers, that provides insights and information regarding  sights of interest.

The platforms contain useful information, traveling advice and tips regarding nearby destinations which can be reached along Nea Odos and Kentriki Odos. The project is a result of combining modern technologies with relevant engaging content. 

The “Tours” portals are enjoying significant success having created a novel offering for Nea Odos and Kentriki Odos letting them stand out in the Greek market, offering unique services and maximizing value for their customers. 

Through this initiative, Nea Odos and Kentriki Odos were reintroduced to their customers in a new way, providing innovative additional services for the first time in the local ecosystem. The platforms “Tours” follow a customer centric approach and make the difference in the traditional motorways’ services.