Case study: Aegean Motorway

A unified customer portal for motorway commuters

The Aegean Motoroway is one of the main national motorways of Greece. Pixelocracy undertook the holistic redesign of all web properties leading to a complete digital transformation of motorist experience.

The project started with the analysis of all existing web properties, uses cases, related backend systems, as well as motorist statistics. The latter played a key role into clarifying high value functionalities for further focus. 

In order to map all information and validate details, an end-to-end sitemap and custom screens were designed. This allowed to kick-start content preparation while fine-tuning inner user cases.

During the development an agile approach took place through sprints of an average duration of 2 to 3 weeks, quickly achieving MVP, beta and final version milestones. 

Aegean Motorway established a leading web presence along the motorway industry, offering innovative technological services and accelerating customer care through the digitization of processes

Myeway is the self-care area of the motorist, offering access to personal messages, activity data, profile information, top-up and many more.

In addition two key assets are and, focusing on product and company services respectivelly, in order to support different experience scenarios.

Throughout the above properties the visitor can use new digital services carefully embedded inside various user journeys, such as interactive maps to plan their trip or multi-step wizards to register.



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