Case study: National Documentation Centre, Knowledge Bridges

Networking portal for organizations and individuals

An online platform to promote and facilitate communication between people and organizations around the world. The main goal is to create partnerships amongst global organizations regardless of their field of interest.

The platform supports up to 10.000 network members, seeking for new partnerships, funding opportunities, coaching and seminars. The underlying aim  of this platform was to create a network, where individuals and organizations would be able to interact with each other, on a variety of topics related with the fields of entrepreneurship, research, education and culture.

The platform signifies a new era of exchanging information, ideas, experiences and knowledge on different topics, by connecting people from all around the world. This combination of technology and innovative networking has already resulted in significant milestones in its first year of operation. It has inspired more than 1300 active users, with hundreds of educational posts, dozens of mentors and more than fifty success stories available