Case study KEP: Citizens' Service Centre

Automation of complex appointment management system

An online platform for Greek citizens to book an appointment with their nearest Citizens’ Service Centre (CSC), helping all centers to avoid unnecessary crowding and delays while maintaining high quality services.

In order to decongest all CSC and help protect citizens from the COVID-19 pandemic, a holistic approach took place that included the design, development and launch of an easy to use platform for all employees and citizens. The main goal set from the public administration experts was the automation of the whole process, that would help to avoid crowding in local CSCs. At the same time, the ambition was to create a tool that gathers information and data and helps the decision making process during the pandemic crisis and after.

Key to this successful project was to build trust and constant communication with the client. As a result, the whole structure helped both sides to identify issues instantly and continuously develop the platform.

Through this project the public sector paved the way for a new hassle free era. Building on the successful track record nature of the CSCs and using technology to simplify procedures even further the impact has been significant and is still growing. 

Already from the first month of rollout, the platform was counting 1.000 active service centres all over Greece, 135.000 registered users (citizens) and 1.500.000 completed appointments.