Case study: Greece 2021

Celebrating 200 years of Greek history

Greece 2021 Laptop Screen

With the mission of Greece 2021 to re-introduce the country’s achievements and potential to the world, Pixelocracy created an innovative proposal management platform to manage more than 2.000 project proposals. 

Greece 2021 Screens Overview

The solution should be highly scalable with the ability to handle saden peaks of thousands of users. In addition, all processes should be extremely friendly from all devices in order to accomodate several steps broken down across different work sessions.  

In order to achieve this, the Python framework Django was used in order to leverage its powerful data modeling and object relation mapping (ORM) approach. This allowed not only for the rapid development of the platform, but also the exposing of functionalities into the user’s frontend via an API. 

Thanks to the above, the user interface was fully decoupled from the backend, allowing 100% design flexibility to create an eight-step proposal builder with the ability to save progress and return to continue and complete the submission. 

In addition, custom tablet and smartphone versions were created in order to offer the ability to actually build a proposal from any device. 

Considering the large number of proposals with a vast amount of data, it was clear that the process of their management would hide several scenarios of repetitive work. 

In order for the operations team to be able and focus on the important stuff features were carefully created, such as: five user types with different abilities, four different management workflows, calculation business rules, metadata based analytics, automation of PDF reports, email delivery scenarios to ensure applicant and evaluator engagement.     

The infrastructure although not visible, could not lack being part of the automation effort. Heroku in combination with GitHub was used in order to automate building, runing, scalling and monitoring of the application entirely in fully managed cloud resources. This allowed to focus on delivering fast and controlled platform features, instead of wasting time on operating system maintenance, server configurations, etc.