Case study: Government Portal

The digital gateway for Greek citizens

A portal to discover and use digital services of the platform. Through this project a unified experience was created, ecompassing a diverse ecosystem of more that 76 public authorities. Screens Overview

In order to ecompass a digital ecosystem coming from more than 76 public authorities, an extensive analysis of international best practices took place while working closely with an elite team of stakeholders and public administration experts that were building several parts of the platform.  

Through constant increments based on a product-led methodology, the project tackled highly complex obstacles such as taxonomy modeling, UX uniformity and technical extensibility. 

High-end technologies and frameworks were applied in order to solve engineering challenges and achieve a scalable solution to millions of users. All system components are containerized for improved infrastructure orchestration, while all application output employs an SSR approach (server side rendering) in combination with caching techniques, allowing to serve users in milliseconds. 

Through this project the adoption of new innovative digital services of the public sector is accelerated, while the user experience became a flagship for new services. The afforementioned sets this as an exemplary UX and technologies combination that was applied properly and delivered new, fast and valuable results.